Trevor Noah Blasts Donald Trump's Attempts To Court Black Voters On 'The Daily Show'

“Orange Tries To Woo Black” isn't going down too well.

Donald Trump’s campaign team seem to have finally noticed they can’t win the US election simply by courting disgruntled white voters, so they’ve turned to the black community in hopes of scoring a few extra percentage points.

‘Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah calls the move “Orange Tries To Woo Black.”

“He’s got three choices,” Noah said. “Barbershops, Tyler Perry movies and black churches.”

And, as the late night host points out, he can’t possibly go with barbershops because they’ll “hook him up”.

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Trump’s only option, therefore, is America’s black church-going community, well known for their upbeat musical sermons and positive outlook. Not exactly the Republican candidate’s usual atmosphere.

In a publicity stunt on Saturday, The Donald visited a black church in Detroit where he was seen “swaying to the music” in his trademark dad-at-a-disco style.

Noah went on to attack Trump’s speech to the congregation, saying: “As someone who claims they wrote the speech, he seems genuinely surprised at the information contained in his speech.”

He wasn’t the only one who failed to be enlightened by Trump’s campaign stop. Around 75 people led by local clergy filled the streets outside the church in protest.

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