Trevor Noah Blasts Hillary Clinton For Hiding Her Pneumonia On 'The Daily Show'

"She's handing out pneumonia like it’s a free sample at Costco!”

’Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah really isn’t happy with Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic presidential candidate was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, but it was only officially revealed to the public eight hours after her fainting spell at a 9/11 memorial was captured on film.

Noah spoke about the scandal in Monday’s show, discussing how the media couldn’t seem to decide what the weather was like when she “overheated”.

He later pointed out how dangerous it was for Clinton to hide the diagnosis from the public, having been photographed coming into physical contact with multiple people.

“Everyone, especially reporters, has a right to be angry ― especially everyone Hillary kissed and touched this weekend,” Noah said in the episode. “Look at her! Handing out pneumonia like it’s a free sample at Costco!”

Noah went on to say the secrecy highlighted the biggest problem he has with the Clintons.

“It’s not the things they do that get them, it’s the way they try to cover them up.”

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