Trigger Point Episode 4: The 7 Burning Questions We Have Now

Our suspicions about one particular police officer are growing ever bigger.
Vicky McClure as Lana Washington and Mark Stanley as DCI Thom Youngblood in Trigger Point
Vicky McClure as Lana Washington and Mark Stanley as DCI Thom Youngblood in Trigger Point

If you were in any doubt about John’s guilt after what was found in his locker at the end of last week’s Trigger Point, the latest episode seemed to cement his involvement with The Crusaders.

Sunday’s instalment of the explosive ITV drama saw Lana discover John didn’t turn up for work on the day of the Five Oaks attack, before she then saw him seemingly eying up the far-right group’s next target. In a tragic turn of events for Lana, her brother Billy was then killed as he was used as an unwitting suicide bomber, as apparent revenge for a showdown she’d had with John at the police station.

With The Crusaders still at large and suspicions about one particular police officer growing ever bigger, here’s the questions we’ve been left asking this week...

What’s the hold up on the checks into HMX319?

Yep, we’re still waiting on the report from Porton Down on the chemical composition used by the bombers.

The current working theory is that some of the explosives made their way onto the dark web, with traces also suggesting they are about 10 years old.

But we’re yet to get any sort of confirmation on that as Porton Down appear to be taking their sweet time on getting back to Youngblood. That is, of course, if he has even requested the information in the first place. After all, we’ve had our suspicions about him for a few weeks now…

There's something up with Youngblood if you ask us
There's something up with Youngblood if you ask us

Who was watching Lana at the crime scene?

When Lana attended the scene of the burnt-out car one of the terrorists had blown up, there was a camera shot that suggested Lana was being covertly watched. Who was it?

Why would the bombers chose to advertise so clearly that they had military training?

Hamilton made a valid point about the way the bombs were wired so professionally. While Lana said it would have been just second nature to someone with military training and that the bombers wouldn’t expect EXPOs to check the wiring as the circuit would be damaged in any blasts, that is a big bet for them to take, especially if a device isn’t detonated.

Is John really under surveillance?

After Lana followed John out of their workplace, where she saw him appearing to eye up his next target, she was intercepted by Youngblood, who told her off for following someone who was already under police surveillance. He then refused to offer more details, saying he “couldn’t talk about an on-going investigation”.

Given our suspicions about Youngblood, we can’t help but think that this might be a lie and he hasn’t actually done anything with the information Lana gave him, because he is in on it.

Why isn’t Lana doing more to stop John?

Kris Hitchen as John Hudson
Kris Hitchen as John Hudson

She’s managed to unearth all this evidence against John, and while it might be inadmissible because of the way it was obtained, she’s only told one person (who is also of questionable character). Surely you would be telling anyone with any authority if there was a credible risk to life with further attacks?

Admittedly, she told Hamilton that John was the one they should be watching, but she really needs to give her the receipts so she can take what Lana is saying credibly.

How will John be caught?

With Billy now dead, will Lana share her suspicions about him with more people? And will he be caught before another attack?

Is Lana in danger?

The terrorists have already killed her brother – could she face a similar fate because of what she knows?

Trigger Point continues on Sunday at 9pm on ITV.


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