Trigger Point Episode 5: The 8 Burning Questions We Have Now

What is the significance of 1912?
Lana was sent to diffuse a bomb planted at a university in the latest episode of Trigger Point
Lana was sent to diffuse a bomb planted at a university in the latest episode of Trigger Point

As Trigger Point nears its climactic finale, the ITV drama served up more explosive action on Sunday night, as far-right terrorist group The Crusaders continued their series of co-ordinated attacks.

With another device planted at a London university, it was confirmed that EXPO John Hudson was indeed a a member of the terror cell.

However, after he managed to evade capture, the capital faced its biggest threat of the series, as Lana and the team uncovered a plan to blow up a street of houses near the Progressive Alliance HQ.

Ahead of next week’s final episode, these are the questions we have been left asking...

Is there more to Karl?

Warren Brown as Karl
Warren Brown as Karl

At the moment, Karl seems like a nice guy, with no reason to be suspicious of, which is now starting to make us suspicious of him.

In a pre-series interview, actor Warren Brown said that “further down the line [Karl] might reveal what some of his demons are”, but we’re now at the finale and we’re yet to see any demons, suggesting they are about to come out in the final episode. Could he be part of The Crusaders? More on that in a bit…

How did the police not find anything on John?

While we had our doubts that Youngblood had actually shared Lana’s suspicions about John with any of his police colleagues, it appears he did, as during a debrief it was confirmed that the EXPO had been under investigation, but it had turned up no evidence.

Is this because evidence was covered up by someone? Youngblood perhaps?

We still have our suspicions about Youngblood
We still have our suspicions about Youngblood

Where was the address in Brixton Billy visited before his death?

In the days before his death, police found out that Billy was living with his friend Tommy Marshall in Streatham, before he then spent an hour at an unknown address in Brixton before setting off to Farringdon, where the bomb plot was revealed.

Who was it he visited? Was it just Frank Walsh, or was it someone else?

Are Lana’s lies to the police going to come back to bite her?

During her interview about Billy’s death, Lana told two lies – that she was with Danny and Mark in the pool hall, when she was actually with Karl; and that Billy hadn’t displayed any far-right behaviour, despite his attack on a Halal butchers.

Youngblood has already confronted Lana after checking duty logs that confirmed Danny and Mark were not with her, so other officers could surely find this out for themselves.

If it does come out that she’d lied about actually being with Karl and he is a member of The Crusaders, it is not a good look – neither is lying about her brother’s racist attack.

Could she end up being implicated?

Who text John before he detonated the bomb?

Prior to setting off the bomb in the university, which was hosting a radio broadcast about an upcoming by-election where candidates for a Progressive Alliance were in attendance, John received a text message, seemingly instructing him to make the call to detonate.

The person who sent it must have been someone who knew that Frank Walsh was unable to do so, having been shot by police, which suggests it was a police officer or fellow EXPO.

The possibility that John was receiving instructions also suggests he is perhaps not the overarching mastermind behind the attacks – so who is?

Just how many more people are involved?

The police originally thought they were just looking for a third man – the bomb maker – in The Crusaders, but this episode unmasked both John and Frank Walsh, indicating there are many more members of the cell the force haven’t considered. After all, John also must have had some help changing all the gas metres in the street for the far-right group’s latest attack.

All the gas metres in a street of houses have been changed as part of The Crusaders' next attack
All the gas metres in a street of houses have been changed as part of The Crusaders' next attack

Could one of them be someone Lana served with in Afghan?

While Sonia managed to get hold of the confidential file on HMX319 file from Porton Down, it had been wiped (which could be standard precise or suggest someone is trying to cover their tracks), but she was able to tell that the explosive was originally authorised for use in Afghanistan.

Given that we also knew that the explosive was older than 10 years old, it suggests that perhaps it was obtained by someone serving in Afghan around that time.

We know that Karl served in the military and knew Lana and Nut from a long time ago, suggesting he too might have done tours in Afghan. Just saying…

What is the significance of 1912?

Some parts of the device used in the university attack were recovered and revealed that the number 1912 was written inside – this is the same number that was written in the airing cupboard where the device was wired in Andy Phelan’s flat at the West Haven estate.

It’s now clear the bombers are trying to send a message, but what is it?

Trigger Point concludes on Sunday at 9pm on ITV.


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