Mum Shares Raw Photo Of 'True Knot' In Her Umbilical Cord: 'If You're Squeamish, Look Away Now'

Warning: This article contains an image of a medical nature.

Warning: This article contains an image of a medical nature.

A mum has shared a photo of her daughter’s knotted umbilical on Instagram.

Rebecca Meldrum, 28, from Aberdeen, gave birth to her daughter, Poppy, four weeks early following a difficult labour. She weighed 5lbs.

Captioning the photo of her cord, Meldrum wrote: “This knot was in Poppy’s cord, a ‘True Knot’ which apparently is pretty uncommon, one in 2,000 babies, the midwife said.

“Just another thing to add to her story.”

Meldrum gave birth by caesarean section after a two-day failed induction.

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An umbilical cord knot can occur when an infant manoeuvres in amniotic fluid and passes through a loop in the umbilical cord, creating a knot.

Dr Patrick O’Brien, spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), explained to HuffPost UK: “The umbilical cord carries oxygen and nutrients from the placenta into the baby’s bloodstream.

“If the umbilical cord becomes tightly knotted, there will be a reduction in the flow of blood, depriving the baby of oxygen which can lead to permanent brain injury. A problem with the umbilical cord could also cause the baby to be stillborn.

“Fortunately, a true knot in the cord is very rare, and even when it happens, it is rarely so tight that it will harm the baby. Usually the knot is discovered after the birth of a healthy baby.”

Commenting on the photo, one woman wrote: “My boy had a true knot. Thankfully c-section due to other complications. I take comfort in knowing that if it had been a dream pregnancy and a vaginal delivery he may not be here. Everything happens for a reason and all that.”

Another wrote: ”My son had a true knot too. I didn’t realise it was dangerous, just knew that the midwives were amazed.”

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Meldrum also reflected on her time in the NICU, writing: “I can honestly say I have never ever been through emotions like I have been through these last few days and I’m sure will continue to go through until we are all home together.

“I’ve cried in a way I’ve never heard myself cry before, loud, ugly and almost primal need for my baby to be with me.

“There are so many stories to go through, but the things that really help the most are those tips on what to do when I can’t be holding her, different ways to interact and have contact with her - thank you all so much.”

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