Trump Mocked A Twitter Typo And His Mentions Burst Into Flames

Hamberders, anyone?

President Donald Trump mocked someone about a typo on Twitter and people immediately flooded him with examples of his own many, many spelling mistakes in response.

Trump ― who has previously misspelled both his and his own wife’s names on the social media platform ― on Thursday poked fun at The Washington Post’s conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin for mistakenly writing “Bloombefg” in a tweet about 2020 presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg:

.@JRubinBlogger (Jennifer Rubin), the wacko “conservative” of the @washingtonpost, must learn how to spell the name Bloomberg before it is too late & he is gone!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 20, 2020

The hypocrisy proved too much for many tweeters.

Hamberders, anyone?

Special Council
Wire tapp
Teresa May
The Boarder
Smocking gun
Marine Core

and who could forget


— Brian Klaas (@brianklaas) February 20, 2020

A smocking hot burn

— Robert Maguire (@RobertMaguire_) February 20, 2020

Trump criticized Biden for nepotism, Bloomberg for racism, Hillary Clinton for misogyny - so it was inevitable that sooner or later he would criticize someone for misspelling

— David Frum (@davidfrum) February 20, 2020

Pot meet kettle.

— Bert & Ernie (@Bert__n__ernie) February 20, 2020

Did Donald Trump really just try to insult someone about a typo? This man is the most blatant hypocrite I have ever seen and he was elected president? Nothing but a fear mongering divider in chief with a lust of power for legal protection. We must vote this fool out

— ♻️🇺🇸 Christopher Zullo (@ChrisJZullo) February 20, 2020

I confefe with this sentiment.

— Jeremy Newberger (@jeremynewberger) February 20, 2020

Pot meet kettle🙄

— Tee M. (@Teetee50) February 20, 2020

Impeached covfefe says what?

— Niles_Standish (@spoonie_loves) February 20, 2020

Cofveve hamberder.

— lotsashots 🌊🌊 (@lotsashots1) February 20, 2020

You. Do not. Want to discuss grammar and spelling. Ever.

— Paul (@cap02914) February 20, 2020

Your funnee

— Louise (@clwtweet) February 20, 2020

Oh yeah, how’s “Melanie” doing?

— JulesDrakePutnam 🧢 (@jdrake_putnam) February 20, 2020

To be fair, Bloombefg was not the candidate who just had the worst debate performance in modern history, Bloomberg was.

— Eldon Katz 🌹 (@eldon_katz) February 20, 2020

Don't think you have the right to be calling anybody out on their spelling/grammar 🙄

— Phil Owens (@Ornir) February 20, 2020

Lmao at Trump calling anyone out for spelling.... Spell Zelinsky hahaha

— Brent🌊 (@Brent68189672) February 20, 2020

Careful about pointing out spelling errors....

— Roby Potts (@jamesrpotts) February 20, 2020

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