Tutankhamun Facts Quiz: How Much Do You Know About The Boy King?

But how much do you actually know about the Boy King?

Intriguing details about two hidden rooms in King Tutankhamun's tomb were revealed on Thursday.

In a news conference in Cairo, Egyptian Antiquities Minister Mamdouh el-Damaty said analysis of scans of the tomb showed hidden chambers which could contain metal or organic matter.

He added that the tombs would be scanned again at the end of the month, the Associated Press reported.

There have been suggestions that there is another burial chamber behind the tomb, which could even belong to Queen Nefertiti.

The tomb was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter and George Herbert (Lord Carnarvon) and the news hit front pages around the world.

The tomb and its contents continue to fascinate many to this day - but how much do you know about the Boy King?


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