10 Tweets That Sum Up Life As A Leftie

The struggle is real.

Left handed people of the world, we feel your pain.

The constant hours spent scrubbing biro off the inside of your hand, the ring bound notebooks that were never meant to be.

So in honour of Left Handers Day (August 13th) we are celebrating all the truely ‘unique’ things that sum up life lived on the left side, things that our right-handed friends could never truely understand.

1. When The World Is Against You

2. When You Can’t Find Love

3. When You Get Trapped Behind Doors

4. When You Try To Explain Your Struggle

5. When The Computers Turn Against You

6. When You Have To Use A Biro

7. Or Write Anything, Ever.

8. When Your Friends Finally Catch On

9. And They Ask You The Inevitable Questions

10. But You Know No One Will Ever Really Know How Deep This Goes