12 Tweets That Sum Up The Pain Of Flying With Kids

Snakes on a plane sounds less challenging.

The summer holidays are upon us, and there is nothing we would love more than two weeks spent on a beach with an endless supply of trashy novels.

But in order to get there would mean getting on an aeroplane with our (and everyone else’s) children, and all of a sudden we’re completely happy with staying on the sofa till September.

Here are 12 tweets that perfectly sum up the agony of flying with children that will make you glad you’ve chosen a staycation this year.

1. The angst the night before.

2. The morning of the flight.

3. The luggage.

4. The check-in.

5. The delays.

6. The seating arrangements.

7. The in-flight entertainment.

8. The kind stranger who performs miracles.

9. The other people’s children.

10. The general mood.

11. The reflection on the experience.

12. The unavoidable truth about family holidays.