Twitter Rolls Out Expanded 280 Character Word Limit And And People Are Not Convinced

Demise of 140 character limit greeted like the end of the world.

It was the end of the era and, for some, the end of civilisation.

On Tuesday night, Twitter announced it was drawing a veil over the 140-character limit for tweets, doubling the capacity to 280 characters.

The caveats are this: the company appears to be trialling the idea which it has flirted with before for “a small group”, and it won’t apply to Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter took to Twitter to explain the move.

But even before most had time to read the small print, reaction poured in ...

Some were keeping it all in perspective.

Others eyed the negatives.

But there could be positives.

And there were some decent jokes.

And inevitably, thoughts turned to Donald Trump.


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