I Just Realised What 'Twix' Actually Stands For, And It's Pretty Clever

We can't believe we didn't know this.
NurPhoto via Getty Images

As of last week, my understanding of time shifted from “BC and AD” to “BGSL and AGSL.”

That’s before Golden Syrup Lion and after Golden Syrup Lion, if you couldn’t guess ― learning that the brand motif of my fave pancake topping was actually a rotted, bee-filled animal corpse was almost enough to put me into different spacetime, and definitely enough to put me off food facts forever.

But the internet had other plans. Recently, I spotted a resurfaced 2018 X post from app user @fooji which read, “I read that ‘Twix’ is short for ‘twin biscuit sticks’. Can you confirm or deny this?”

Twix’s official X account replied that Foodji was “close,” but hadn’t quite nailed the real meaning.

Which is...?

It’s short for ‘twin sticks’”, the company responded.

The brand wasn’t always known as Twix in all parts of the world ― in Germany, the bars went by Raider until 1991.

The bar was first made in the Mars factory in Slough in 1967, and despite a long-lasting advertising campaign that suggested the left and right Twix bars are different, it seems this is unlikely.

People were pretty surprised to learn the fact (I’m people)

OneX user simply replied to the information with a ‘mind blown’ emoji.

Another app user commented “mystery solved,” while yet another replied, “if they’re twin sticks then why do you give them out in single packages?”

Though personally, I’m with Shakespeare on that one ― a Twix by any other name would taste as sweet.