08/06/2017 16:10 BST

12 Types Of Friend Your Children Will Bring Home From School

Oh aren't you a little angel.

It is every parent’s worst nightmare to think of their child lonely and friendless at school.

So when they ask if they can bring someone home you’re just glad another human has agreed to spend time with them; that is, until you have to entertain them for the evening.

From the unbelievably polite to the no second invite, here are 12 children that every parent has had the pleasure of meeting.

1. The one that always answers back.

Please don’t teach my child those words.

2. The outrageously polite one. 

Please teach my child everything you know. 

3. The doppelgänger of your child one. 

Actually uncanny.

4. The painfully quiet one.

Like getting blood from a stone. 

5. The vegan-gluten-free-no-sugar-snacks one.

A little pre-dinner biscuit never harmed anyone.

6. The fridge raiding one.

Wait, where did you get that food? 

7. The addicted-to-technology one. 

Square eyes your way come. 

8. The messy one.

You will be spending a lot of time in the garden.  

9. The unnecessarily clingy one. 

Can’t this wait till your parents get here?

10. The why-have-I-never-heard-your-name-before one.

You won’t be around long.

11. The abandoned one.

Are your parents always this late to collect you? 

12. The you’re never coming back here one. 

No need to return the favour.