9 Types Of People You See Doing New Year's Resolutions

Sorry guys, you're a cliché.

We all start off with good intentions for January - essentially trying to make ourselves a better version of the cheeseboard-consuming-human-potato we have become.

But New Year’s resolutions set expectations for big changes that are pretty damn hard to achieve, not least because we all inevitably end up falling into one of these nine (equally irritating) camps.

1. The Smug One

Also the one who eats a lot of quinoa.

2. The Moaner

Sets resolutions they have no intention of keeping.

3. The Social-Media-Over-Sharer

We are all fascinated by what time you went to the gym this morning.

4. The Hibernator

Won’t be seeing them til February.

5. The Gym Newbie

Can spot them a mile away.

6. The Vegan

Well, apart from this cheese of course.

7. The Non-Smoker

Every. Single. Year.

8. The Dry January-er

They’re everywhere and there’s no way of knowing who is involved.

9. The Celibate One

Because obviously that was something you chose to happen...