22/09/2017 12:32 BST

Uber Alternatives: Addison Lee, Gett, Mytaxi And More

Everyone remain calm.

With the news that Uber has lost its operating licence in London, millions of Londoners will now surely be looking for alternatives should the app disappear on 30 September.

Now while Uber is almost certainly expected to appeal, a loss will mean that for its claimed 3.5 million users, finding an alternative will almost certainly be top of the list.

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Thankfully, since Uber’s arrival in the UK’s capital, plenty of ride-hailing apps have sprung up to compete with the tech giant, including well-established services like Addison Lee to new black cab apps such as Gett or Mytaxi.

Here are the best Uber alternatives in London:

  • Addison Lee
    Addison Lee
    The already well-established taxi firm now has a powerful new app that can let you pre-book cars days or even weeks in advance, see how much it will cost and then track them as they come to you. Addison Lee are a little pricier than the competition but they pride themselves on their standardised fleet or cars and they're experts in doing the all-important airport journey.
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  • mytaxi
    Now you may already know mytaxi because in its former life it was known as Hailo. Since then the London-based Hailo has joined forces with the global mytaxi to offer a unified ride-hailing service. Mytaxi works in over 50 cities making it a great option for those that travel. It will let you pre-book a licensed taxi up to 4 days in advance and offers fair estimates and cashless payment through the app. A unique feature is you can actually create a list of your favourite drivers if you want to use them again.
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  • Gett
    Gett is arguably the ultimate black cab app. Offering on-demand black cabs in over 25 UK cities this app lets you take advantage of the black cab driver's unrivalled knowledge of their local city. For more specific requirements Gett also offers larger vehicles, ride-sharing and even a delivery service. There's also cashless payment through the app itself.
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  • Kabbee
    If you live in London and rely on black cabs then this is the app for you. While it only operates in London, Kabbee gives you access to over 10,000 cabs across the capital across a staggering 60 fleets. There's no surge pricing, you can book in advance and yes there's cashless payments, just as you would expect.
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  • Citymapper
    Ok so Citymapper isn't a ride-hailing app but it is the single easiest way to get around the capital using public transport or your own legs. It's tied into TFL's own network so you'll get live arrivals of tubes, busses, boats and trams and will always show you the quickest way from A to B. It's also gloriously easy to use.
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