Addison Lee

George Koh claims he acted in self defence.
'We have a moral responsiblity. These things are not cheap for nothing'
The leader of the trade union which stood up to Uber in London has urged the public to boycott taxi firm Addison Lee, as
Taxi fares in London are some of the most expensive in the world (you can quote me on this). And due to the iconic nature of the the black cabs, their drivers are a protected species of some sort.
Addison Lee has suspended one of its drivers following reports a gay couple were thrown out of a taxi because they were holding
Hailo is an interesting business because drivers tell you that already 7,000 of the network of 23,000 cabs are using the service. But it's very much on their own terms. Want to pay cash for a cab in the middle of the day? A driver will pull up in two minutes. Want to pay by credit card in the evening the app often struggles to find a single taker.
The boss of taxi firm Addison Lee could be prosecuted after he urged his drivers to illegally use bus lanes in London. Chairman
In central London pollution levels are on the rise, more than twice the number of people killed each year in road traffic accidents are killed by pollution from cars. Do we want a London where we breathe in harmful gases as a matter of course everyday?
Minicab company Addison Lee, which urged its drivers to use bus lanes, has lost its government contract, it was announced