18/01/2018 11:06 GMT | Updated 18/01/2018 14:46 GMT

Now Even UGGlier Boots Exist, Thanks To Ugg's Collaboration With Y Project

They're... an acquired taste.

In an exclusive collaboration with Y-Project, Ugg has released a new collection that’ll have you wishing you were Puss in Boots if you want to pull them off.

The boots were showcased in both the men’s and women’s catwalk shows at Paris Fashion Week, casually paired with jeans and oversized jumpers. 

A spin off of the classic ankle-length, fleece-lined, camel coloured boots we all love to hate, these versions manage to be taller yet, simultaneously slouchier, than your average. 

Y-Project is known for challenging the norm (and Uggs never claimed to be the prettiest petal in the field), but this is on a whole new level of ‘what-just-happened?’


Glenn Martens, Y Project’s creative director, said that the classic UGG boot is “one of the most recognisable shoes in history”.

“It’s timeless and challenging design made it a worldwide statement,” he continued. “Y/Project is about challenges.”

Challenging is definitely the word to hone in on, here. 


And those of you feeling nostalgic for the quippier version of the classic Ugg boot could still indulge in this collection. 

Your bouji dress-up boot might resemble a pug but, hey, “it’s fashion, darling.”


While this boundary-pushing collection might have tickled Paris’ fancy, Twitter is having none of it. 

The UGG® x Y/Project collection is priced between £195 and £995 will be available this autumn.