UK Holidaymakers Warned Over 10 Destinations That Could Leave Them With Huge Bills

It pays to do your research before jetting off.
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Something that puts hearts in the fear of any traveller is getting sick or injured abroad. You don’t know the health system, you potentially don’t know the language, you’re far away from home and you’re vulnerable in a place that’s, well, foreign to you.

In partnership with Dr Punam Krishan, a GP and media personality based in Glasgow, insurers Staysure put together a list of the 10 most expensive holiday destinations to be hospitalised in during a holiday. This report was created using WHO data which excludes any tests, treatment, or medication, according to The Mirror.

Not every healthcare system is like the NHS

Dr Krishan said, “Not every healthcare system around the world is like the UK’s National Health Service.

“It’s only when you see the eye-watering high costs for a hospital overnight stay in other countries, that it makes you think whether you’d ever want to take the risk to travel without travel insurance protection.

“Far too often, I see patients who return from holiday having suffered from an unexpected medical emergency abroad who had not bought a prior travel insurance policy.”

This is why, even if you think you’re unlikely to fall sick or get injured, it’s essential to not only research the places that you’re visiting to learn about their healthcare system and what you could end up paying should you fall sick but also invest in travel insurance.

Additionally, Dr Krishan adds that even if you don’t currently have any ongoing health issues, you’re not immune to being caught out abroad saying, “Usually those who are otherwise healthy with no other medical history - and later repent how they took their health for granted - are the ones who present to me, experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety due to the financial implications of being hospitalised abroad.

“Whether it’s the unforeseen accident, an allergic reaction, a serious chest infection, appendicitis, or even more life threatening such as a heart attack or a stroke, nobody predicts these scenarios happening when they’re on holiday.

“It’s times like this where the stress levels are so high the last thing you want to be doing is scrambling around for funds to pay for medical help.”

So where are the worst locations to accidentally find yourself in hospital? Read on...

The top 10 most expensive places to get hospitalised in

  1. Monaco - £2,400
  2. Luxembourg - £1,500
  3. Norway - £1,150
  4. Switzerland - £900
  5. Australia - £700
  6. Denmark - £700
  7. San Marino - £650
  8. Qatar - £600
  9. Sweden - £600
  10. USA - £600

If you find yourself heading to any of the destinations above, for the love of your bank account, make sure to take out travel insurance before boarding a plane.