01/04/2016 17:24 BST | Updated 01/04/2016 17:41 BST

UK Weather To Be Boosted By Continental Phenomenon Even Eurosceptics Will Like

This could potentially delight even the staunchest Eurosceptic.

Unseasonably warm weather is set to arrive in the UK from the continent this weekend, potentially delighting even the staunchest Eurosceptic.

Parts of Britain could enjoy weather as warm as Barcelona, forecasters have said, as sunshine and warm temperatures will sweep north from Europe.


Peter Byrne/PA Archive
Unseasonably warm weather is expected to come to the UK this weekend.

The news will offer pleasant change from the turbulent weather Storm Katie brought over Easter last weekend.

Temperatures could reach 18C (64.4F) in London, and up to 17C (62.2F)  in central and southern England on Sunday - putting them on a par with Barcelona and hotter than the Spanish capital Madrid, which is expected to see temperatures of 15C (59F).

From Saturday, the UK will be able to feel the warmer weather, which will be around 5C higher than the English average for April, 11C (51.8F).

Met Office forecaster Craig Snell said: "Warmer air will become widespread on Sunday and a lot of us will notice a slightly warmer feel, slightly muggier.

"It will be the first widespread warm spell we have seen this year."

JOSEP LAGO via Getty Images
Parts of the UK could be as warm as Barcelona.

The warmer climate is due to tropical continental air being brought into the UK through a change in wind direction, the Press Association reports.

Snell said that we can still expect to see some April showers, despite the weather being noticeably warmer.

Rain is expected to get heavier on Monday.

Snell added: "There will be plenty of dry and bright weather but there will be rain at some times.

"We will continue to see the warm air coming up from the continent but it looks like a much more showery day on Monday.

"It's a brief taste of warmer weather which will end by Tuesday."

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