22/09/2017 13:32 BST | Updated 22/09/2017 13:42 BST

UK Weather Forecast: A Sunny Weekend Beckons

Not quite an Indian summer...

Stuck, as we are in that awkward in-between-summer-and-autumn-but-the-leaves-aren’t-pretty-yet-and-it’s-raining bit, it should be gratifying to hear the south east is set for a sunny weekend.

While predictions of an Indian summer might be stretching things slightly, come Sunday we could be enjoying a last heady hurrah of 23C.

But first things first. The weather on Friday will be largely pleasant all around England Wales, with patches of rain in north west Scotland, pushing eastwards and fragmenting as it does.

A touch of rain may occur in the south west and temperatures will be hovering around the 19/20C mark in the south east.

Overnight will be a mild affair, with the mercury dropping to 12/13C and into single figures in Scotland.

Saturday will start with cloud and patchy rain in the far south east, with conditions brightening in the south west. In the midst of a band of low pressure from the west and high pressure from the east, highs will remain between 19/20C.

After another mild night, Sunday will be upon us, with central and eastern areas climbing to a warming 22/23C.

Given that the usual temperature for this time of year is a sickly 17C, you’d be well advised to make the most of it!