UK Weather Forecast: End To Heatwave Misery


The torturous process of having to wring out your singlet while sweat drips down your nose at the end of each day has mercifully drawn to a close now the heatwave has departed.

To the relief of many, temperatures have dipped a respectable 10C in much of the UK and cloud with outbreaks of rain will be moving across the country on Friday.

The south east is unlikely to be hit with any of the rain with the band dissipating to largely just cloud as it moves down from the north. The weather front will give rise to a north-south divide, with London, East Anglia and Kent experiencing temperatures of 23-24C in largely dry conditions. Under cloud, the north will see highs of 18-20C.

Saturday will bring in milder conditions for much of the south east and Wales, with occasional chances of drizzle in the west and coastal areas.

London will see highs of 22-24C, while the mercury in the north will tip the mid to high teens. A low pressure system passing the north of the UK will bring 40-50mph winds to Scotland.

Sunday will be dry and bright with some sunny spells, alongside a risk of drizzle in the south. Further north it’s still looking like rain and other blustery conditions as a low pressure system pushes its way to the east.

Though rains had been forecast, Glastonbury goers are likely to have a cloudy but dry experience – with temperatures ranging between 19-21C.


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