Glastonbury Weather Forecast: Heatwave Will Make Way For Colder Temperatures

Pack those wellies, just in case.

Musical aficionados and mud enthusiasts will begin descending upon Glastonbury from Wednesday and the word on everyone’s lips is… weather.

As you will have noticed, it’s been a sweaty few days across England and Wales, with temperatures tipping almost 33C on Monday in the south east.

Whether you intend on roughing it in a tent or living it up in more sumptuous surroundings, you may be surprised to learn we’re expecting a 10 degree drop in temperatures come Thursday, with the mercury set to plummet to the much brisker mid-to-low 20s.

It's probably not going to be like this... (picture from Glastonbury Festival 2016)
It's probably not going to be like this... (picture from Glastonbury Festival 2016)
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... nor will it be like this...
... nor will it be like this...
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Friday will feel even fresher, with temperatures expected to reach a maximum of just 20/21C and dipping even further by Saturday to a paltry 19C.

Sunday will perk up slightly with a high of 23C expected.

The change in weather is down to a switch in the direction of the plume of warm air currently drifting our way from the south, turning into a westerly influence and bringing much brisker climes.

There are currently two yellow weather warnings in place, with a risk of bouts of heavy, thundery rain between the Midlands and Edinburgh on Wednesday and Thursday.

While Glastonbury is not within these hotspots, there are likely to be odd showers at the festival on Saturday. While our source at the Met Office says the heavier, thundery downpours are expected to miss the area, there is still an outside chance of the rain front diverting course and giving you all a soaking.

The highest June temperature ever recorded is 35.6C at Southampton on 28 June 1976.


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