New Mums Are Preserving Their Umbilical Cords As Household Decorations And Jewellery

Have you thought about having this keepsake?

New mums have been using the hashtag #umbilicalcordkeepsake on Instagram to share the ways in which they’re preserving their cords.

The childbirth trend follows the rise in popularity of mums preserving their placentas by turning them into dried pills.

One woman wrote on Instagram: “My cord was dyed with food grade colouring (to make the placenta print), then all the blood drained, then dehydrated.”

According to parenting website Modern Mom, preservation is done through soaking the cord in alcohol, then leaving it to dry in the desired shape.

Here are just a few of the ways women are keeping their umbilical cords.

1. Household Decorations

2. Dreamcatchers

3. Handheld Momentos

4. Framed Nursery Decorations.

5. Pendants

6. In Frames (Again)

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