Pregnant Woman 'Diagnosed With Umbilical Hernia' After Posting Video Of Belly Button Trick On Reddit

'Get your wife to get it checked asap.'

A pregnant woman whose partner posted a video of her "belly button trick" on Reddit was diagnosed with having an 'umbilical hernia' after concerned viewers advised her to seek help.

Reddit user Rebelrockstar shared a video that showed his wife's belly button protruding out when her stomach was pushed upwards.

However a concerned user commented: "That, my friend, looks like an umbilical hernia."

Another wrote: "That actually looks like a hernia, get your wife to get it checked asap."

An umbilical hernia is a "painless lump" that occurs when fatty tissue or a part of your bowel pokes through your abdomen near your belly button, the NHS states.

Pregnant women are affected as a result of repeated strain on the abdomen or having multiple pregnancies (with twins or triplets).

Initially, the dad replied to the concerned Reddit users saying it was "normal", because his wife has space between her muscles and abdomen from a previous pregnancy.

However he later posted an update on his comment, saying his wife did in fact have an umbilical hernia.

"You're right," he wrote. "She said it is an umbilical hernia!"

Dr Helen Webberley, GP for, confirmed the video does show an umbilical hernia to The Huffington Post UK.

"This happens when there is a natural weakness in the muscles of the wall at the belly button and if there is an increase in intra-abdominal pressure, due to obesity, pregnancy or other issues in the abdomen, then the weakness can be more prominent," she said.

"An umbilical hernia is very rarely life threatening. However, there would be cause for concern in the event that the bowels actually protrude through the hole in the muscle wall and, although retained by the skin, are unable to pass back and return to their natural position.

"If this were to occur, it would be time to go and see your doctor urgently, so there's no harm in getting it checked out.

"This one is clearly 'reducible' and of no concern to her. It will probably just heal after she gives birth."

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