25/01/2017 11:22 GMT

The Umbrella Drone Is The Absurd £1200 Gadget You've Always Wanted, Maybe

2017 has already peaked.

All Brits know that sheltering from the rain isn’t just a temporary inconvenience, it is a daily struggle.

And when you’re trying to carry your soy-double-shot-latte and reply to all your important emails on the move, having to carry an umbrella is just a step too far.

Short of hiring a personal butler, we’ve just had to suck it up and cope so far with this living nightmare, but not for any longer.

Because a technology hero, has come to solve the greatest of our first world problems with an ‘umbrella drone’.

Umbrella Drone

The newest gadget in weather-related-madness doesn’t require you to hold a handle like some Neanderthal, it simply follows you around. 

Using GPS tracking technology that is synced with your smartphone, the drone traces your steps and keeps just above you to shelter you from the elements.

Tim Morley, from Drones Direct, said: “For those who don’t want to be confined to staying indoors, who want to drone in changeable weather, and those who don’t want to juggle managing an umbrella whilst carrying out their everyday tasks, then the innovative Umbrella Drone is a gadget not to be without.” 

This hands-free device also has built-in smart collision avoidance for maximum safety, and generally trying not to crash into trees, lampposts or take out someone’s eye.

But with a battery that lasts for only thirty minutes of flight time, you will need to keep that charger pretty handy if you live in the northern hemisphere.

The Phantom 4 drone can also be used as a regular drone without the waterproof attachment, so really it is a bargain at only £1299... 

Here’s to a dry 2017.