21/09/2017 10:23 BST

Unique Baby Names: 20 Short And 'Uncommon' Girls' Names If You're Not Keen On Choosing A Popular One

Ivy, Noah or Joan?

The official list of the most popular baby names from last year has been released, but some parents are keen to choose a more unusual name. 

Mumsnet users have been sharing short, uncommon girls’ names, for those who are looking for something a little more unique.

We’ve compiled the names into a list, so if Olivia, Amelia and Emily don’t float your boat, what do you think of the ones below? 

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1. Ivy

2. Nora

3. Joan

4. Edith

5. Erin

6. Maude

7. Ruth

8. Lara

9. Lorne

10. Nina

11. Orla

12. Fern

13. Meg

14. Enid

15. Ada

16. Fleur

17. Zara

18. Pearl

19. Talia

20. Pippa.

See more suggestions of uncommon girls’ names on the Mumsnet thread, here.

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