'Unforgotten' Crime Drama With Nicola Walker, Sanjeev Bhaskar Confirmed For Series Three

Fans can't get enough.

There’s good news for crime drama fans today, with confirmation that ‘Unforgotten’ will be coming back for a third series.

Viewers were fulsome in their praise for the last series starring Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar, and now ITV bosses have made it official - they’ll be back for another cold case, written by Chris Lang.

Their characters DCI Cassie Stuart and DI Sunny Khan solved a complex historical case of abuse and revenge in series two, as well as narrowly avoiding falling into a romance. More than six million viewers tuned in to discover how their victim David Walker met his grisly end, the revelation leading to a moral dilemma on the part of the cops. The writer Chris Lang revealed the story had been inspired by the revelations of Jimmy Savile’s abuse crimes.

Star Nicola Walker credits writer Chris Lang for the appeal of 'Unforgotten'
Star Nicola Walker credits writer Chris Lang for the appeal of 'Unforgotten'

The first series was equally gripping, with Tom Courtenay winning a BAFTA for his role, and other stars including Trevor Eve, Gemma Jones, Bernard Hill and Hannah Gordon. Series 2 included Mark Bonnar, Wendy Craig and Rosie Cavaliero.

The new six-part series will be written once again by Chris Lang and will see Cassie and Sunny delve into another intricate historical investigation, revealing a fresh web of long-buried secrets.

In a sea of TV crime drama, what makes ‘Unforgotten’ so special? Star Nicola Walker recently shared her thoughts with HuffPostUK, saying: “It’s not really a whodunnit. I think with the first series, our writer Chris Lang took viewers to a place they weren’t expecting. It’s all in his beautiful writing.”

Stay tuned for when we can expect Cassie and Sunny to return to our screens.


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