16/09/2016 11:23 BST

Unicorn Makeup Brushes Are The Most Magical New Beauty Trend

Just in time for our Christmas lists...

Magic and makeup has been the most conscious coupling of 2016, with rainbow highlighters, celestial palettes and mystic skincare lighting up the shelves.

Just in time to place on our Christmas lists, a host of upcoming beauty releases have taken the trend to a whole new level - introducing, unicorn makeup brushes.

From opalescent twirled ‘unicorn horn’ handles to multicoloured rainbow bristles, check out our four favourite mythical brush sets below:

Unicorn Lashes

10-piece set, £45, launching in October at

Tarte Cosmetics

5-piece set, launching in 2017 at

Jemini Beauty

6-piece set, £38 from


10-piece set, £39.99 from

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