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Unique Baby Names: 14 Spring-Inspired Names Including Daisy, Willow And Buddy


If you’re expecting a baby in spring, why not get inspired by our list of baby names inspired by the season?

As we approach the month of March, the flowers are blooming, the sun’s appearance is longer lived and everything seems a little bit more lively.

Floral names including Daisy, Willow and Blossom are perfect for this season from March until summertime.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourites below - so take your pick. 

  • Blossom
    wundervisuals via Getty Images
    In English the meaning of the name Blossom is 'fresh'
  • April
    sam74100 via Getty Images
    It might be a month in spring, but the baby name April also means opening buds of spring.
  • Willow
    evgenyatamanenko via Getty Images
    As well as being a tree that blossoms in the spring, the name Willow means 'slender and graceful'. 
  • Skye
    MakiEni's photo via Getty Images
    We can't help but look up at the beautiful blue sky in spring, so why not use this as your inspiration?
  • Bunny
    FamVeld via Getty Images
    Tie in your baby's name with the Easter season and the famous Easter bunny.
  • Daisy
    MmeEmil via Getty Images
    As the daisies blossom this season, this floral name is the perfect match for your spring baby. 
  • Ray
    NataliaDeriabina via Getty Images
    Is your newborn your ray of sunshine? The name Ray originates from Germany and means mighty protection and guards wisely.
  • Honey
    Photohota via Getty Images
    The name Honey means 'sweet'. 
  • Buddy
    muratkoc via Getty Images
    As the buds of flowers bloom in spring, why not use this alternative version of the name for your little one?
  • Petal
    vwPix via Getty Images
    A distinct floral name that is perfect for the spring season. 
  • Laverna
    AleksandarNakic via Getty Images
    Laverna is a French name meaning "born in the spring".
  • Attwell
    Lvnel via Getty Images
    Attwell means 'live by spring'.
  • Apple
    petrenkod via Getty Images
    The apple blossoms are blooming this season, so why not pay them a bit of an homage?
  • Aviv
    ti-ja via Getty Images
    This Hebrew name literally means “spring”, so it's straight to the point.

We’ve found baby name meanings from She Knows, BabyCenter and Behind The Name. Enjoy! 

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