United Airlines Flight Delays Caused By Major Computer System Meltdown

Thousands of passengers were affected.

United Airlines suffered a major “systems issue” this week which caused a huge number of flights to be delayed and thousands of passengers sat waiting in airports around the world.

Reports say more than 60 flights were delayed although that number could have increased.

Flights were reportedly delayed by up to six hours causing many passengers to turn to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

It is reportedly the third major computer malfunction to hit United Continental Holdings in the last few months and has raised concerns over the levels of cybersecurity being employed by airlines.

At around 3am Friday morning ET United tweeted that it had finally resolved the issue.

Airlines are almost entirely dependent on computer systems to operate, from local air traffic control systems to onboard flight computers which control the plane and communicate to airports and planes around it.

Just one major malfunction in any of these systems can have a catastrophic knock-on effect to the smooth running of an airport or airline.

According to the Mail, United’s latest malfunction was caused by an error in the weight management system.

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