Micro*processors are so last-century. This is *nano*computing, Grandma!
*Micro*processors are so last-century. This is *nano*computing, Grandma!
For people that generate ideas, particularly in the internet age, it is worth seriously looking at the trade-off between protection and pace of growth. Some innovations are naturally suited to intellectual property protection, such as new technical ways to achieve something.
Airlines are almost entirely dependent on computer systems to operate, from local air traffic control systems to onboard
Children who had never touched a computer mouse now use the Raspberry Pi for Word Processing, spreadsheets etc. Instead of computer theory, they can get hands on experience. Their teachers are gaining confidence and can now properly address the Zambian ICT curriculum.
Concerns have been raised over young people using the internet like a drug, becoming dependent as they gain a sense of euphoria
Google should be questioned just as religion should be questioned. Remember that you are the one with the power. You control your life -- both in the real world and online. Look for alternatives.
A British-made entrant into the race to build the first great gaming PC for the living room has laid a claim to one major