10/04/2017 22:05 BST | Updated 10/04/2017 22:13 BST

University Challenge Fans Stunned As Stephen Hawking Presents Trophy To Balliol College, Oxford

'I can't believe Stephen Hawking got to meet Eric Monkman.'

Many University Challenge fans were surprised tonight when underdogs Balliol College, Oxford absolutely smashed their match against Eric Monkman and his Wolfson College, Cambridge team, taking the final with a 50 point lead. 

But the shock level was pushed through the roof when legendary theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking appeared on the show to present Balliol College with the trophy. 

In only the second time in the show’s history, Jeremy Paxman and the contestants left the studio to visit Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge and its most famous fellow.  

Fans were shocked when Stephen Hawking appeared to present Balliol College, Oxford with their trophy 

Hawking told the students: “I have said in the past that it is not clear whether intelligence has any long term value.

“Bacteria multiply and flourish without it. But it is one of the most admirable qualities, especially when displayed by such young minds.” 

The world’s most famous scientist continued: “Many congratulations to both teams and especially to Balliol College, Oxford for becoming series champions on University Challenge, a programme I have long enjoyed.” 

Fans of the the quiz show went wild for Hawking’s surprise appearance on the programme:  

But it was Eric Monkman’s reaction to meeting Hawking that really caught viewers’ attention.  

Monkman looked delighted to meet Professor Stephen Hawking 

“If you’re ever looked at the way Monkman looks at Stephen Hawking, you’ve lived a good life,” one man wrote on Twitter. 

Hawking’s surprise appearance was heralded by fans as the “perfect end” to the series. 

But what will we do now without Monkman and his fellow contestants on our screens every Monday? 

Luckily, the show will be back in August with a brand new series. Until then, we will just have to relive this year’s best moments...