Unique Baby Names: Mum Soon Regretted Asking For Opinions On Her Choice Of Name For Her Newborn

'It sounds like an obsolete medical implement.'

A mum who started a forum thread to gauge opinions on her choice of baby name soon regretted her decision.

Mumsnet user 16TMoore asked other users what they thought of the name Felicula, on Monday 3 October.

And it didn’t go very well.

Andre Gallant via Getty Images

The forum thread, that had 72 responses at the time of writing, was full of negative comments.

“Absolutely horrendous and I class some very ‘out there’ names as cool and acceptable,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “Not a fan sorry, it sounds like a disease.”

While another added: “It sounds either steam punk or slightly like a piece of surgical apparatus to me. Sorry.”

Other adjectives used to describe the name Felicula included: “Awful”, “Horrible”, “Dire”.

Some people started to come up with things that the name sounded like - other than a baby name.

“Sounds like something you would buy at a pharmacy for a vaginal rash,” one person wrote.

Another wrote: “It sounds like an obsolete medical implement or a term in geometry.”

And even: “Sounds like a hybrid of funicular (as in railway) and peculiar with something a bit gynaecological thrown into the mix for luck.”

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