Would You Name Your Baby Awesome? Scotland's List Of 2018 Baby Names Is Unexpected

Corbyn, Pepper or Zi, anyone?

Can you imagine naming your baby Awesome? Pepper? Or even Zuzu or Nun? These are just some of the names parents in Scotland called their babies last year. Depending on your politics, there’s even a Corbyn in there.

The National Records of Scotland released the list of names given to children in Scotland in 2018 – ranging from the evergreen to the downright unusual.

Unsurprising to many, the most popular boys’ name was Jack, and the most popular girls’ name was Olivia. Oliver and James also made the top three, as did Emily and Isla for girls.

jeannehatch via Getty Images

What people found more interesting about the list, published on 19 March, were the more unusual inclusions. You can view the full list of baby names here – but we’ve picked out 15 of the more surprising ones for you to have a look at.

Atlas (three babies were called this)

Awesome (one baby)

Bee (one baby)

Clinton (two babies)

Corbyn (one baby)

Donald (two babies)

Fox (five babies)

Lake (one baby)

Nun (one baby)

Pepper (one baby)

Princess (four babies)

Rome (one baby)

Uriel (one baby).

Wynter (10 babies)

Zi (one baby)