Trump-Brexit Comparisons Made As US Election Results Come in

'Ahh crap….this is Brexit all over again. WE WARNED YOU'.

It’s still not been called but it looks like Donald Trump may be the next President of the United States.

Inevitably, people are comparing it to the night the UK voted to leave the EU, when a predicted win for Remain suddenly turned to a vote for Brexit.

Others however, are not so sure.

One constant on both nights is a certain Nigel Farage who has said he would accept a job if Donald Trump gave offered him a role.

And he seems to be going down a treat in the States right now.

Although others have been less kind.

Farage, who famously almost conceded defeat early in the night of the Brexit vote, has also been keeping a close eye on things.

Which has prompted a mixed response.

All the latest results can be found below...


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