US News Anchor Went To Edinburgh For The Glasgow Summit And Everyone Made The Same Joke

"Say you are American without saying you are American."
CNN's lead political anchor posted about being in Edinburgh
CNN's lead political anchor posted about being in Edinburgh
Twitter @wolfblitzer

CNN’s leading political anchor Wolf Blitzer tweeted that he was in Edinburgh for COP26 – a pivotal summit which actually takes place 45 miles away in Glasgow – and Twitter couldn’t believe it.

Early on Monday morning, the first day of the international summit, Blitzer tweeted: “I’m now reporting from Edinburgh in Scotland where 20,000 world leaders and delegates have gathered for the COP26 Climate Summit.”

In the anchor’s defence, US president Joe Biden did touch down in Edinburgh for the conference.

That did not stop his Twitter critics though, as the journalist came under fire for making a mistake often associated with Americans – muddling up key UK locations.

Some people just thought it was typically American

Others just didn’t want the joke to end

And hours after it was first uploaded, people were still making jokes about it

And now Specsavers have got involved

Blitzer did seem to allude to his mistake in a following tweet, where he explained that CNN was going to have “live coverage of President Biden’s remarks at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow”.

He then added: “Air Force One landed in Edinburgh and Biden made the drive to Glasgow where he was greeted by UK prime minister Boris Johnson and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.”

He notably did not take his first tweet down, though.


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