Twitter Users Can't Believe What US Space Force Members Will Be Called

The chosen name reminded many people of both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and "The Handmaid's Tale."

The US Space Force celebrated its first anniversary by announcing what its members will be called – and Twitter users were spaced out.

The newest branch of the military announced Friday in a series of tweets that Space Force members will henceforth be known as “guardians.” Vice president Mike Pence officially announced the new name, according to The Associated Press.

The agency explained there was a long history associated the name “guardians.”

Still, Twitter users thought the name was pretty loony, mainly because they associated the word “guardians” with a different galaxy.

Others had a different type of guardian in mind, like the bodyguards in the dystopian world of novelist Margaret Atwood (a place Pence himself might recognise).

Some people had questions. Lots of questions.

Others were ok with calling the Space Force members “guardians,” with certain caveats.

A couple of people held out hope for the next administration.

But one person was happy to imagine all the possibilities of a Space Force future.


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