The Handmaid's Tale

The chosen name reminded many people of both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and "The Handmaid's Tale."
The author launched the sequel, The Testaments, in London on Tuesday.
The red cape and white bonnet have become recognisable symbols around the world, even if you’ve never read Margaret Atword’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” or seen the TV adaptation. As the anticipated sequel, “The Testaments” hits the shelves, we take a look at how the iconic handmaid's outfit has become a symbol of protests around the world.
The reality star transformed her house into Gilead, to mirror the brutal regime in the dystopian drama.
She says "the world we've been living in" was a big inspiration for the new book.
An entire country up in arms about an unwelcome foreign guest, famed for his misogyny and intolerance. Remind you of anything?
The show not only gives us a language to discuss our potential dystopian future, but an aesthetic to represent it.
The slow burn of The Handmaid's Tale is so unsettling because of its real-life parallels.
Because we all need an ugly cry now and then, here are some suggestions of shows to turn on the waterworks.
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