London Cafe Launches Vegan Freakshakes That The Dairy-Free Crowd Can Enjoy

*dies and goes to heaven*

Freakshakes, aka the mutant over-flowing milkshakes you may have seen taking over Instagram, are nothing new. But, until recently, they've only been enjoyed by those who eat, well, milk.

Now, a London-based cafe is catering to the dairy-free crowd, with the announcement of the first vegan freakshakes.


Raspberry and coconut freakshake with raw beetroot cakes 
Raspberry and coconut freakshake with raw beetroot cakes 

The mouth-watering concoctions come in one of two varieties: raspberry, coconut and raw beetroot cakes, or avocado, chocolate and raw matcha cake.

They are completely dairy-free and gluten-free, and many of the ingredients are also sugar-free and raw. What's not to love?

Avocado and chocolate freakshake with raw matcha cake
Avocado and chocolate freakshake with raw matcha cake

The freakshakes will be served at London's first 'happy cafe', The Canvas Cafe, from Tuesday 31 May.

According to the press release, the talented chefs have also made vegan meringue, using 'aquafaba', or the juice from a can of chickpeas. "Don't worry, it's delicious when whipped with vanilla, maple syrup and paired with chocolate milkshake and a gluten-free, vegan brownie!" they assure.

For anyone wondering how on earth you make milkshakes without milk,o wner of The Canvas Cafe, Ruth Rogers told The Huffington Post UK: " Our cook Maria makes homemade ice cream with coconut milk and either avocados, raspberries or vegan cocoa, which she then blends with soya milk to create a thick, creamy milkshake that forms the base of our freakshakes."

The vegan freakshakes launch this Sunday, as part of an exclusive launch event with Yelp, the online urban guide and app, in Shoreditch. The rest of you will have to wait until Tuesday.

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