15 Struggles Of Being A Vegetarian At Christmas

'Tis the season to have arguments.

Everyone knows that Christmas is all about food, and it wouldn’t be the same without all the chocolate selection boxes, cold roast potatoes and cheese boards on constant rotation.

But what about when you can’t eat half of the festive foods on offer because you’re vegetarian? You might know that there are plenty of delicious alternatives to meat, but that doesn’t mean the holiday period isn’t a real struggle to navigate.

Here are 15 struggles all vegetarians will recognise.

1. Eye-rolling people who think you want mushroom-en-croute instead of a roast dinner.

2. Having to insist you are fine without turkey.

3. Realising nut roast is only edible with gallons of gravy.

4. Eating a whole cheeseboard to make up for it.

5. Having low-level panic that mince pies aren’t actually veggie.

6. Hating whoever made it trendy to put bacon in Brussels sprouts.

7. Learning to bring ‘back-up food’ to any social occasion.

8. Worrying that people will forget and sneak meat in.

9. Having to dissect every Xmas canapé before eating it.

10. Feeling guilty when your relatives over-accommodate you.

11. Explaining why you absolutely won’t be underfed.

12. Being forced to explain your dietary choices to your uncle.

13. Secretly wanting to smuggle some pigs in blankets.

14. Trying to stay sober at the office party to avoid an accidental McDonalds.

15. Knowing it would just be easier to eat meat for 72 hours.