21/02/2017 11:10 GMT

This Extremely Tall Man Prepares Ingenious FAQs Business Cards For People Asking About His Height

Yes 6'10" is tall.

If you’re a taller than average person, you’ve probably experienced people stating the obvious, often.

Those who tower over others are often faced with “Wow, you’re tall” statements or questions about their exact height.

But one man, who clearly draws attention even more than the ‘average’ tall person with his 6’ 10” height, is super prepared for ANY obvious questions.

This guy has made his very own height FAQs business card. 

Reddit user NewtonJesse’s post soared to the top of the social news site with the simple caption ‘I said, “How tall are you?” He handed me this:’.

The tall man’s sarcastic and witty response - via the business card - provides a range of responses to the questions he has clearly got bored of.

It’s then rounded off with the brilliant closing statement: “This has been a great conversation.”