David Beckham Pokes Fun At Victoria After Her 'Dodgy Accent' Goes Viral

"This is just how I talk!"
Victoria and David Beckham at the GQ Awards in 2019
Victoria and David Beckham at the GQ Awards in 2019
Samir Hussein via Getty Images

David Beckham couldn’t resist poking fun at his wife Victoria after a video she posted on Instagram got people talking for all the wrong reasons.

Earlier this week, multiple news outlets reported on a video that the former Spice Girls singer shared on social media – with many apparently picking up on the fact that VB’s accent was sounding more “posh” than “Posh Spice”.

On Friday, Victoria and husband David enjoyed a hike in Aspen, with the fashion designer sharing footage of their day out on her Instagram.

As she showed off her surroundings to her followers, David was heard commenting off-camera: “I hope you’re not putting that dodgy accent on.”

“This is just how I talk!” Victoria then insisted.

Of course, those who follow the Beckhams on social media will know that David is just as good as dishing it out as he is taking it.

Earlier this month, he shared a video of his 11-year-old daughter Harper making fun of his “dad dancing” as they enjoyed a night out together watching The Weeknd in concert.

“Embarrassing dad moment,” he joked, adding: “[My] timing was a little off but we got there in the end and I made Harper Seven laugh… WOW what a show… THAT SMILE.”

Over the weekend, Victoria also shared footage of herself on the back of David’s motorbike, having what she referred to as a “Maverick moment”.

“[David] has been trying to get me on the back of his bike for years and finally I did it!” she explained. “It was so much fun!!”


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