15/08/2017 15:59 BST

Victoria Beckham Wants Her Second Esteé Lauder Cosmetics Line To Empower Women

Already made a wish list.

Victoria Beckham conquered the pop world and even the notoriously difficult fashion world, and she is currently intent on carving out a niche for herself in the beauty industry. 

Beckham will be launching her second cosmetics collection with Esteé Lauder in September, much to the delight of loyal fans. 

One commented: “You really are a woman to be admired.”

And Beckham wants to return the love of her fans by “empowering” them with her new collection.

For me it’s not about copying what everyone else is doing,” she told Stella magazine. “It’s about creating make-up that women feel proud to own.

“Ultimately it’s about empowering women.”

The savvy entrepreneur has us anticipating the launch like 🤣 .


Beckham stated she wanted to create something that was not your typical makeup collection of ‘trendy’ products. 

The designer told Stella magazine that “everything looked the same” when she recently walked through a duty free and she wants to change that. 

Beckham shared some previews of the collection with her followers on Instagram, including her favourite shade of matte lipstick, called ‘Victoria.’ 

Ever the perfectionist, Beckham revealed she tests the products on herself to make sure it’s on point. 

She also seeks advice from hubby David, who may know a thing or two about style himself.