04/08/2016 10:01 BST | Updated 04/08/2016 12:27 BST

Emirates Flight EK521 Video Shows Panicked Passengers 'Going For Hand Luggage Instead Of Escaping'

'Bags first. Lives later.'

A video has emerged showing the panic on board the Emirates flight that exploded in flames after crash-landing at Dubai airport on Wednesday. 

In video shot on mobile phone and posted online by Rehan Quereshi, passengers can be seen frantically trying to gather their carry-on luggage as oxygen masks hang from the ceiling and as smoke seeps into the aircraft. 

Passengers are then seen sliding down the inflatable emergency slide, while flames continue to engulf the aircraft’s engine.

The Emirates plane on the tarmac at Dubai International Airport

Quereshi wrote on Facebook: “Evacuation video of #Emirates #EK521 from crash landing at #Dubai #Airport this afternoon. Idiotic passengers to go for carry ons instead of escaping. Brave #CabinCrew, also goes to show how important recurrent trainings are for everyone’s safety!”

Most people commenting on the video expressed disbelief that passengers didn’t make fleeing the aircraft their first priority. 

Rehan Quereshi
Facebook commenters on Quereshi's video expressed disbelief at how passengers reacted to the incident

Other videos inside the plane were shared on WhatsApp

All 300 people on board the plane, including 24 British passengers, escaped the plane without injury. However, a firefighter called to the scene was killed while fighting the blaze. 

An explosion broke out on the aircraft when it hit the tarmac after the plane’s landing gear reportedly failed to deploy properly.