Some passengers had fevers over 100 degrees and are being checked by experts.
'A captain is a person who can lead – and that is something Siya is great at.' 🇿🇦
Emirates will fully embrace new technologies by looking to create the first windowless planes, says its president Sir Tim Clark.
It has already started using them in First Class.
“I have never seen such a tremendous reaction of an aeroplane after a touchdown,”
An Airbus A380 is 73 metres long, weighs around 575 tonnes and costs a whopping £335 million pounds and as such requires
"Come on SAA... You represent our country to the world. Make us proud again".
El-Hamahmy tweeted 'no negotiation, no compromise, no letting up'.
The machete-wielding terror suspect involved in Friday’s attack at the Louvre has been named as Abdullah Reda Refaie El-Hamahmy