21/12/2018 13:28 GMT | Updated 21/12/2018 20:43 GMT

Vienna Shooting: Manhunt Underway After Two People Shot in Austria

One person has died.

A manhunt is underway in central Vienna after a person was shot dead and another injured, Austrian police have said.

A gunman is reported to have entered Figlmueller, a popular schnitzel restaurant in the city, and fired several times in what the British embassy described as a “targeted crime”.

“Two people were found with gunshot wounds today around 1.30pm (12.30 GMT) in the Lugeck area of Vienna,” the police said in a statement.

“A manhunt is currently underway,” it continued, adding the attack is not thought to be terror-related.

The area was cordoned off and police helicopters hovered overhead as part of the search. 

The director of Figlmueller, Harald Prochazka, told daily Oesterreich’s online TV channel that three people involved in the shooting ate at the restaurant beforehand.

“Everything was in order. They also left the restaurant calmly together,” he said.

Police officers secure the area next to an ambulance after shots were fired in a restaurant in Vienna.

As helicopters hovered overhead, police moved to reassure the public.

“We can rule out a terrorist background,” police spokesman Daniel Fuerst said.

The police added on Twitter: “There is currently no danger for those not involved!”