Test Your Eyesight (Part Two): Can You See What's Hidden Inside The Shapes?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's a...

Earlier this week many people were left baffled by a hidden image in a red dot.

Now, we hope to extend the nation's befuddlement with not one, but two images. 'Cause we know how to party.

The two flip images below show a green rectangle and an orange triangle, and within each one there's an animal shape hidden.

The question is, are your eyes good enough to spot the hidden image? And if so, what do you see?

Check out the images below and let us know what you see in the comments below...

The images, which were created by The Huffington Post UK's picture editor, follow on from the viral 'red dot test', which can be found below.

While some people can’t see anything within the dot, others - who clearly have Superman-worthy vision - have been able to spot the outline of a horse.

What can you see?

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