Why You Need To Start Adding Vodka To Your Flowers. No, Really

Try this and other hacks to make your blooms last longer.
Oscar Wong via Getty Images

To avoid lacklustre cut flowers, just add vodka. Yes, really.

The trick for making flowers last longer is as old as time, but it’s gained fresh attention thanks to TikTok videos advising us to nurture our blooms with booze.

And, according to Chris Bonnett, founder of GardeningExpress.co.uk, this isn’t just an eyebrow-raising old wive’s tale. It actually works.

“Adding a spoon of vodka to your plant water actually helps with the plant’s overall health,” he tells HuffPost UK. “A lot of people will probably find this surprising, but the vodka acts as an antibacterial agent, meaning that it kills bacteria on the stems and promotes growth and a healthy plant overall.”

For those without spare voddy to hand (or those who don’t wish to waste it on plants), Bonnett says there are other hacks you can try to make fresh flowers last longer.

“One of the most important things to do is to get rid of any lower leaves on the stems. The reason for this is so that they don’t create bacteria in your vase,” he explains.

“Another thing to do is to keep your flowers cool. Of course they need sunlight, but sometimes people take this too far, avoid keeping flowers in places like the conservatory or kitchen where there may be heat from cooking and try picking a cooler location.”

While plants love a splash of vodka, they do not love bananas.

“It’s also advised that we keep flowers away from fruit!” says Bonnett. “This is because fruits like apples and bananas give off ethylene, which essentially makes flowers age quicker.”

Who knew?