15 Ways To Elevate Your Tea From A Lowly Cuppa To A Total Treat

Say goodbye to your basic brew with these brilliant buys for tea lovers everywhere.
Upgrade your tea with these best buys
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Upgrade your tea with these best buys

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There’s something wonderfully calming and soothing about a perfectly brewed cup of tea. The steam, the aroma, the overwhelming sense of comfort that comes over you as you take that first sip. And the caffeine kick (unless you’re a decaf queen, all respect to you)

Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to making the perfect cuppa. And while we’ll probably never settle the ‘is-it-milk-first-or-after?’ debate, it is possible to take your basic brew up a notch for a more indulgent treat.

Feeling like your cuppa is lacking a little something? Bored of your bog-standard ‘builder’s brew’? Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your tea-drinking experience with one of our best buys for tea lovers.

A little investment is worth it, given you probably have at least a few cups of the stuff a day! So read on, and remember: regardless of whether you drink it green, black, herbal or milky as you like, your tea can only get better.

This herbal tea selection box
Fancy trying out some new teas? This set of 45 sachets (including nine different flavours) is ideal. Pukka are pros at herbal tea and this box includes everything from energising concoctions to help get you going in the morning to soothing blends to help you unwind.
This artsy mug
For the perfect cuppa, the right cup is a must. Love having a solid cup that fits perfectly in your hands? If so, this is the one. Available in two different designs, Mason Cash's grey-toned mug is chic, stylish, and perfectly sized for the ideal amount of tea.
These lemon zest shortbread rounds
It's not a good cup of tea without a biscuit, it is? And these crumbly, buttery shortbread rounds, complete with a clip-lid tin, will make the perfect tea break accompaniment.
This chic deep green teapot
Brewing tea in a teapot is a really lovely way to get the most out of your brew, with the steeping process accentuating the flavour notes of the tea. This porcelain pot features ‘drip-less’ technology for a mess-free pour.
This gloriously luxe Earl Grey caddy
For a cup of Earl Grey with a luxury twist, this blend of black tea, orange peel, and bergamot is a must-try. This distinctive blend comes in a vintage-style storage tin, and features the classic tea notes that Earl Grey is famous for.
This loose leaf tea infuser (yes, it is a diver)
Prefer a loose leaf tea rather than bags? Then try one of these super cute infusers. Pack your tea leaves of choice into the diver, dangle him into your tea, and let the flavour seep into the water for a perfect brew.
This iced tea with a twist
Prefer your tea iced? Then you have to try this pink lemonade instant tea from Whittard. It's fresh, fruity, and is the perfect level of zesty goodness. (FYI, the Whittard iced teas are my go-to in the warmer weather – they're just so wonderfully refreshing.)
This quirky travel cup perfect for filling with your favourite tea
Whether you prefer a boiling brew or an iced tea, this travel cup is great for tea-lovers. Keep your favourite brew at the perfect temperature, whether you're at WFH or you’re heading out and about on some adventures.
This floral tea
For a rather unique tea experience, this blooming tea bud could be a nice little treat. Simply pop the bud in a teapot – a glass pot is best so that you can see how it opens – and watch it expand, slowly steeping in the water (for all its antioxidant properties).
This intriguing biscuit brew
Love the taste of a biscuit dipped in your tea? Well, this ‘biscuit brew’ is a must-try. This combination of traditional breakfast tea is spiked with malty sweetness, giving it a ‘tea and biscuits’ vibe. (This is one of my go-to teas and, boy, is it good.)
This decadent breakfast blend
There's nothing quite like a traditional breakfast blend, is there? This Fortnum & Mason classic makes a wonderfully delicate cup of tea that hits all of those classic flavour notes. It's also a great present, thanks to its classically stylish F&M blue tin.
This set of three tea lollipops
Add a gourmet twist with this 100% natural tea pop – aka a tea lollipop – made from tea leaves, fruits, plants and herbs packed into a fully dissolvable stirrer. Fill your cup with hot water, add your tea pop of choice, and watch as it gently diffuses in the cup.
This nifty tea maker and infuser
Make brew time a breeze with this clever tea-making gadget. Simply add your tea, let it brew, and then pop it on your cup, and, voila, the perfect full flavour loose leaf tea.
This bone china tea set
Add a whimsical twist to your next cup of tea with this wonderfully lavish cup and saucer set.
Make your favourite takeaway tea drink at home with this bubble tea kit
It might not be tea in the traditional sense but bubble tea is a total treat. This ‘boba’ tea making kit contains everything you need to make the perfect one at home, including milk tea flavour powder and tapioca pearls (aka the bubbles).