VW's I.D. Vizzion Is A Stunning Self-Driving Car Arriving In 2022

The Vizzion will have a massive 400-mile range.

The Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion is not like most of the concept cars you see unveiled at a motor show.

You see unlike most concept cars Volkswagen has confirmed that this fully-autonomous electric saloon will actually be on sale by 2022.

This is impressive not only because it gives VW just four years to turn the car into a reality, but also because of the incredible technology that’s inside it.


VW claims that the car you buy will have a 400-mile range thanks to a whopping 111kWh battery (larger than anything we’ve seen so far) and will support the new fast-charging standard being introduced across Europe.


Take a look inside and you’ll notice there is, well, nothing.

Now while VW says that the the production version will have a steering wheel, it does envisage that in about 12 years or so you will be able to buy this car as you see it now.

To do that VW says it will have developed a Level 5 autonomous driving system that will be able to take you anywhere at just the press of a button.


So while it won’t be completely self-driving when it launches in 2022 you can still expect it to have some pretty advanced autonomous features including self-driving on motorways and perhaps even some level of automation in city centres.

Volkswagen has been pushing its focus on electric cars in a big way, in fact the parent company announced late last year that it would be spending around €50bn on battery orders to power the cars.

While the Vizzion is expected to be the flagship of VW’s electric fleet the company has previously announced that its other I.D. cars would include the return of the iconic VW camper van.


According to VW, the camper van would have a theoretical range of 600km and thanks to the new fast-charging network could charge itself from 0-80% in just 30 minutes.


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