Watch Ken Loach's Jeremy Corbyn Labour Leadership Documentary

Ken Loach, the award-winning film maker, has produced a short film promoting Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign.

The eight minute documentary shows Corbyn interacting with supporters and being told he has “inspired” and “moved” people as they discuss education.

Loach’s film was screened at the final phone bank of Corbyn’s leadership campaign last night.

Corbyn told The Huffington Post UK: “Ken is one of the greatest directors of our time. I’m thrilled he could come along to some of our meetings to document people sharing their personal stories, discussing their reasons for supporting our agenda to transform and rebuild Britain and contributing ideas towards it.”

And Loach told HuffPost UK he approached Corbyn’s campaign because he “wanted to meet longstanding party members who are inspired by Jeremy, members who have rejoined the party and those who have joined Labour for the first time”.

“Over two days travelling to events and meetings with Jeremy I documented the sense of optimism and hope that explains why so many are ready to fight for the new settlement that Jeremy Corbyn offers - a vision for our country which in government can implement a shift in wealth and power to ordinary people,” he said.

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